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Green. Reliable. Secure.

Your all-in-one solution for the responsible management of your electronics. Green Earth takes the guesswork out of recycling.

Welcome to a zero landfill e-waste future.

Did you know that electronic waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the world? The world is projected to produce more than 57 million tons of e-waste in 2021. Not only is e-waste growing, only 20% of it is properly recycled.

Green Earth Electronics Recycling was founded to close that gap. We believe that it’s possible
to fix the e-waste problem through repair, remarketing, and proper recycling.

Meet the largest electronics recycler in the world, Jim Grandholm.

Our Story

At 7-foot-1, it’s hard to miss the owner of Green Earth Electronics Recycling. The same can be said about the growing problems of electronic waste.

We need solutions more than ever as today’s innovations make yesterday’s technology into antiques. Each year brings new devices along with a mountain of discarded technology.

Jim Grandholm started Green Earth in 2009 as a way to start a company that is “a solution to a major problem.”

The focus for his new company: the recovery of unwanted electronics for reuse, repair, and proper recycling.

Serving the tri-state area of Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois, Green Earth strives to be the area’s premiere recycling partner to businesses and the community.

An Elkhart, Indiana native, Jim saw an opportunity to make an impact.

solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Data security prioritized from the START.

Community recycling starts AT Green Earth.

Recycling should be easy and stress-free. We hang our hat on delivering on-time, hassle-free pickups for our customers. Just give us a call, we can help.

We offer pickup services, community events, and multiple drop-off recycling locations. Whether you have a basement full of old electronics or just a couple boxes, we can help.

Our most sensitive information is stored on our devices. When you need the peace of mind that your data is securely taken care of, we can help.

Our community recycling events are a great option if you need to recycle your electronics on the weekends or outside of our regular drop-off hours. No matter the hour, we can help.

Whether for legal compliance or inventory management, you need accurate tracking of your IT assets. As your equipment reaches the end of its life cycle, we can help.

You need someone you can trust when it’s time to decommission or relocate a data center, a collection of office or school workstations, or an entire building. Whatever your project, we can help.

Why Should You
Recycle Electronics?

Support your community. Families, companies, and schools rely on used electronics and parts. You can help the less fortunate by allowing electronics to be reused instead of landfilled.

Protect the environment. Improperly disposed electronics can leach toxic substances into our soil and ground water. Protect everyone’s health by properly recycling your electronics.

Conserve limited resources. When you recycle rather than throw away your electronics, you help reduce the amount of natural resources that new electronics devices require.

Reduce waste. Most of the environmental cost of a device occurs when first creating the product. Prevent the wasting of resources by extending the life of
a device through refurbishment and reuse.

Clutter free zone. Storing old electronics can take up a lot of space in your business or home. Regular recycling keeps your space a clutter-free zone.

Peace of mind. Think before you toss, you may be left vulnerable to data theft. Proper, expert recycling gives you the peace of mind that you are protecting the environment and your identity.

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